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Press Coverage

These are the words from our patients and their families.

"The MECFS Clinic MN has brought so much hope to those in MN and the surrounding communities.  Through my non-profit I speak with many people with MECFS that need help but cannot afford health care or travel the distance required for an appointment so they sit alone, suffering with MECFS without any hope for a better quality of life.  For them, the Clinic has given them long lost hope and has resulted in improving the quality of their lives.

As a patient myself, I have found the Clinic to be an invaluable medical game changer for my healthcare for ME/CFS.  It's provided a way for me to obtain critical, quality care for me ME/CFS.  Dr. Tam is like no other doctor I've met.  She truly listens, cares and knowledgeably provides options for my specific ME/CFS symptoms.  There's no cookie cutter approach with Dr. Tam.  We are each individuals that receive individual care for our specific needs.  She practices with such unbridled compassion and kindness -  definitely a one of a kind top notch medical professional!"

"Dr. Tam has been a total Godsend in my daughter's ME/CFS treatment. I've taken her to 5 different states and was lucky enough to find Dr. Tam in MN. We live in SD and without this free clinic I'm not sure what I would do. Being a single Mom with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia myself it's been so difficult try to help my 13 yr old daughter. My daughter has been suffering for over 5 years. Dr. Tam has helped my daughter have a life beyond her bedroom, where she spends the majority of her time. She is now able to leave the house once a week for counseling and once a week for a short outing most weeks. Finding a Dr that actually understands ME/CFS in SD was not an option. Having the opportunity to be seen virtually by Dr. Tam is saving energy for my daughter and helps this single Mom on disability. Thanks so very much for helping this nonprofit! As I mentioned before, without your help and Dr. Tam's help we would be utterly lost!"

"Dr. Ruby Tam is the first Doctor I've worked with that understands ME/CFS. That alone makes a huge difference. She believes me, asks good questions, and utilizes her medical expertise to put me on a path of recovery. She's attentive, responsive and compassionate. Dr. Tam doesn't claim to have a cure but she gives me hope that I will begin to improve and for that I am grateful."

"I have experienced various degree of feeling fatigue and insufficient to manage life for years especially recent a few years. It is challenging to find a doctor who will not just see me for 15 or 20 minutes and give me pills to take, which I don’t believe can solve my fatigue. Having a high deductible health plan also is a challenge due to financial out of pocket cost. Dr. Tam offered me holistic approach to my fatigue with helpful recommendations and insightful guidance, as well as no burden on me financially. Dr. Tam is very generous in giving her time and offering wise and helpful counsel. With her help, my sleep and fatigue are gradually improving. Even though I have a long way to go to make continuous and lasting improvement, I am encouraged and hopeful. Thank you Dr. Tam so much!"

"You're (Dr. Tam) amazing, by the way. So much compassion, care and understanding. I've never worked with a dr where I felt truly safe and not anxious, high-alert, and guarded, except for you. Truly a gift. Cannot overstate what a blessing you are and how much you are appreciated."

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