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Image by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography

We are a 501(c)(3) free clinic dedicated to improve healthcare equality to people with ME/CFS caused by long-haul COVID, post-viral syndrome, or other physical/mental triggers.

1. Train Healthcare Practitioners.  Bringing up more medical providers across the country to confidently diagnose and treat ME/CFS and Long COVID with success is imperative to increase access to care and decrease stigma surrounding these diseases.  Our team works diligently to either collaborate with local healthcare providers to help them diagnose and treat their patients; speak at conferences or lunch-and-learn of clinics and residency programs; and fundraise to send practitioners to training, so they can provide Pro Bono or deeply discounted treatments to low-income patients in return.

2. Provide Free Care. For those who cannot find any compassionate providers in their towns, MECFS Clinic MN offers free virtual appointments in ten states aiming to bring care to them.

3. Fight Food Insecurity. Access to healthy and quality food directly affects health and recovery, especially in people struggling with ME/CFS and Long COVID where their body's immune systems are heightened.  Because most sufferers lost their stamina and ability to work due to post-exertional malaise,  they often eat quick-fix meals which trigger more health problems to them.  Some even lost their friends/families to help them with house chores, and not everyone's insurance covers home-health aides.  We hope to address these problems by teaming up with local grocers and care agencies, so people can afford the healthy food they should eat, or find aides to shop for food/prepare meals/load and unload dishes.

4. Support Caregivers.  We recognize the vital roles played by the families and friends of some ME/CFS and Long COVID sufferers in their recovery.  These unsung heroes often do laundry, cook meals, pick up medications, clean and vacuum the apartment for their loved one besides working full time.  We hope to organize many in-person (with a virtual option) monthly support groups nationwide for local caregivers to get together and help each other through this long and taxing journey.

You can find more about the mission of MECFS Clinic MN from this TV interview.  Dr. Ruby Tam, the founder of MECFS Clinic MN, sat down with Renée Cooper, a decorated journalist of KSTP Channel 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS to talk about her vision for the clinic. 


At MECFS Clinic MN, we carefully listen to the words of every person with ME/CFS.  We respect your feelings and access your concerns.  We aspire to improve your quality of lives.

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